Hi, I’m Lou Marquez, and welcome to my new blog.

Press-Blog-Ad-370x355-4I’ve been working in the bowling industry for my entire career, and BowlTV now has given me the opportunity to share some of the secrets I’ve learned over the years about fitting, drilling, coaching and equipment with the BowlTV community.

I know there are a lot of passionate people out there with a lot of varying opinions on the right (and wrong) way to do things in our sport. I also know that sometimes it is difficult to sift through what info is good and what info is inaccurate or just flat out wrong.

Hopefully, with this series, I can share a lot of good information with you and maybe also dispel some of the common myths out there on a number of subjects. What I’ve learned is that, in the end, people just want help with their games and want the information they get to be based on fact, or at the very least, on years of first-hand experience that has been proven to work.

Not only do I plan to offer general information for bowlers who are just being introduced to the sport (like the importance of changing the surface texture of a bowling ball), but I also plan to cover more advanced subjects within those topics, like, “How much pressure should I apply to the ball when I’m putting surface on it?”

The pro shop is really my main area of expertise, so that is where the majority of my series will take place. The initial set of videos in my series will cover the topic of fitting. I have my own approach to fitting that I feel is extremely thorough, but that is what I believe is necessary in order to give each person the best fit possible for their game. I also enjoy helping bowlers deal with hand injuries or recurring problems, like joint pain or excessive cutting or callousing, by assessing their fit and identifying ways the fit could be changed to help alleviate those problems.

I’m also fascinated by the science of ball layouts and the impact those layouts have on ball motion and lane play, and I look forward to showing you some of the tricks I’ve learned over the years to help bowlers solve specific issues with their ball motion through layouts and surface adjustments.

Finally, I hope this series will make you a more informed consumer, so you can make the best purchasing decisions possible to help you with your game in the future. After all, we’re each looking to improve our games, and a better knowledge of equipment, accessories and maintenance is one of the best ways you can improve in our sport.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what topics you’d like me to cover in the future. For now, enjoy the first batch of videos in my series!

Lou Marquez

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