Anthony Neuer is one of the rising stars in the Junior Team USA program and today, we'll examine what he does that makes him a standout bowler.


To show how much he's improved in only a year, we'll compare his game in 2017 to his game in 2018. The first big difference we see is in the pushaway. In 2017, the ball came out to his left a little, but one year later, it drops perfectly into his swing, right under his chin and shoulder.

His stance hasn't changed at all, but the way he now drops the ball into the swing gives him more control in the backswing. Before he made that change, he had to redirect his swing as he came through toward his delivery, whereas now he can be more consistent and better repeat his shots.

From the side, we can see a small change he made with his right arm. In 2018, he keeps the arm out farther to help his swing stay in alignment. Keeping an eye on his right arm, when he gets to the pivot step, we can see how steady he keeps it now. In 2017, there was some slight movement as he got it behind him and then back out in front. Eliminating those little moves has helped him keep a more consistent delivery.

Anthony's footwork is especially unique. He's a one-handed bowler with two-handed footwork. Just before he drives into the shot, he actually gets himself airborne after a very short step. Typically, we only see this type of footwork with two-handers.

At the release, Anthony's shoulder does exactly what we want it to do: it drops. He collapses the entire shoulder, unloading at the foul line. If you watched our video on Tommy Jones a couple weeks ago, we talked about the same thing. And, if you're Anthony Neuer, you probably don't mind being compared to Tommy Jones.

Jason Couch is another player who excels at this and he comes from the left side just like Anthony. By collapsing the shoulder at the line, it gives Anthony a longer flat spot and helps him generate all the RPMs he's sending down the lane on every shot.

At a young age, Anthony Neuer is already showing some incredible skills that he continues to improve, and I expect to see him as one of the top stars of the game for many years.


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